The Craic

As we have noticed quite a surge in sales and the hats becoming quite popular we want to take this opportunity to give you our version of the T & C's. To buy the merch you need to accept the terms & conditions. 

First and foremost this website in no way condones irresponsible, foolish or down right dangerous drug use or encourage the use of currently illegal drugs. Know your limits, drink water, mind each other but most importantly mind yourselves. Also be very careful what you are taking. The yokes might be a fiver but sometimes cheaper doesn't always mean better. In an ideal world they would be legal, a fiver but also regulated and controlled to make sure there is no shite in them.

Festivals, mad parties and the sesh are all well and good to a point but if you over do it you will feel the burden of it in one way or another so please practise moderation. It'll do ya so much better in the long wrong and yeah don't always want to be that person like a total zombie in the corner of the room. 

When all the partying is done and it's time to go back to reality it can be the hardest part. What goes up must come down and often times here is were people are at their lowest. Be sure and always have someone you can trust if who you can reach out to if you need to. If you feel you need to reach out to someone further or feel you need to speak to someone on confidence there are numbers and services listed below.